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Turnkey Real Estate

"The best time to buy real estate was 20 years ago, the second best time to buy real estate is now" ​
- Geremy Heath

What is

Turnkey Real Estate

Turnkey Real Estate provides investors with the opportunity to own income producing properties located in the best markets across the US that have already been fully rehabbed with a tenant in place, with these properties then managed by a professional property management company for the life of the investment.


Geremy Heath

Managing Director - American Turnkey Properties

Originally from Sydney Australia, Geremy Heath arrived in the US in 2006 with a single suitcase and a plan to stay for a year or two. Fast forward to 2019 and Geremy and his team have successfully bought and sold over 500 single family homes, and built a property management business from the ground up that manages over 100 properties. While flipping properties Geremy soon realized that the key to financial freedom was not how many properties you could flip, but rather how many properties you could keep. Geremy is now passionate about helping others understand the benefits of owning real estate as an investment vehicle for achieving financial freedom using a simply but proven 5 Step Wealth Building Process for Turnkey Real Estate.




Why American Turnkey Real Estate is such
a Power Investment Strategy

for Generating Long Term Wealth in a Tax Optimized Way.

Strong Market Appreciation
High Cash Flow Yields
Low Interest Financing
Ability to Leverage Your Investment Capital
Real Estate Tax Benefits

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